Ayuntamiento de San Javier
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Service Fee Per Diem

  • Negotiated by:

    Staff and HR

  • Description:

    Compensation By reason of the service or by reason of their position, are those committed Special circumstances that are circumstantially ordered to public employees or positions Elected in the performance of their duties and which must be performed outside the Municipal term

    In accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 462/2002 of 24 May, on Indemnities for the service

  • Steps:

    1º.- Previous presentation of her  Order of Service Commission authorized by the Mayor.

    2º.- Report issued by the Chief

    6º.- Notifications for creditors.

    5ºResolution by means of Decree, if applicable. Stakeholders and communication for Intervention, and Human Resources Bureau

  • Requirements:

    - Having a duration equal to or More than one calendar day.

    -Which is authorized in advance.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    - Commission Order

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