Ayuntamiento de San Javier
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Creation and updating of the waiting lists that make up the job board of the City of San Javier.

  • Negotiated by:

    Staff and HR

  • Description:

    With To be able to meet the needs of human resources of a Urgency and urgency that arise in the public sphere through the Temporary hiring and / or appointment of temporary staff Agile procedures that respect the principles of Equality, merit, ability and publicity.

  • Steps:

    1) Report of the Chief Of the Human Resources Bureau on the provisional list of Admitted and excluded.

    2) Resolution by Mayor's decree of the provisional list of admitted and excluded Of the corresponding job market.

    3) Announcement from the list Provisional of admitted and excluded, granting 10 working days To submit rectification.

    4) Report of the Chief Of the Bureau of Human Resources of the definitive list of admitted And excluded

    5) Resolution by Decree of Mayor of the definitive list of admitted and excluded.

    6) Announcement of the Definitive list of amitidos and excluded

    7) Assessment by Selection Committee.

    8) Proposal Of the Selection Committee

    10) Report of the Different waiting lists of the job stock of the Chief Negotiated Human Resources for creation and / or updating.

    Resolution by Mayor's Decree for the creation and / or Update the different lists of the job market.

    12) Announcement of the Creation and / or updating of the different waiting lists of the Work bag.

  • Requirements:

    Those who settle in the Base ninth of the General Bases. In the Town Hall of San Javier

  • Documentation to be provided:

    The Established in the twenty-first base of the Bases in the City council of San Javier.

  • Cost:

    The Candidates of all those lists, whose selection is made by The competition procedure and involves the performance of Selective tests, must pay fees Of examination rights, in accordance with the provisions of Fiscal Ordinance Regulator of the fees for examination rights of the municipality of San Javier (BORM number 61, dated 03/13/2012).

  • Documentation:

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