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Departure of vehicles in the municipal depot.

  • Negotiated by:

    Local police

  • Description:

    Procedure for the removal of a vehicle from the municipal depot

    Regulatory regulation - Tax regulation for the provision of the service of removal of vehicles from the public highway with crane and stay in the warehouse vehicles. (BORM nº 244 of October 22, 2005).

  • Steps:

    - Person to call the local police by telephone to confirm the existence of the vehicle in the municipal depot.

    - Payment of the vehicle's removal rate from the public highway. >

    - Payment of the rental rate of the vehicle in the deposit, if applicable.

  • Requirements:

    - To be the owner of the vehicle or holder thereof.

    - To be authorized by the owner or holder of the same for removal, if any.

    - To be in possession

    - Authorization, where applicable.

    - The reasons for the disappearance or remedy of the driving license Its withdrawal

  • Documentation to be provided:

    - Document of the vehicle, (Circulation Permit Technical File and Compulsory Insurance)

    - Documentation of the vehicle, .

    - Driving license, if applicable.


  • Headquarters:


  • Cost:

    By removing and Transport:

    - Bicycles and hand trucks - € 16.29

    - Mopeds and motorcycles - Tourism - 88,29 €

    - Off-road vehicles and vans - 108,65 €

    - Vehicles over 3500 Kgs - 169,78 €

    For stays In the tank for each day or fraction of day:

    - Bicycles and trolleys - 2,04 €

    - Mopeds and motorcycles - P> - Car Remainder - 8.15 €

    - Vehicles over 3500 Kgs - 16,29 €

  • Documentation:

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