Ayuntamiento de San Javier
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IVTM Disability Application

  • Negotiated by:

    Tax management

  • Description:

    Vehicle Owner's Disability Vehicle Tax Waiver Request

  • Steps:

    Submit application in the general register of the City Council

  • Requirements:

    - To be the holder of the vehicle or authorized person

    - To have, the holder of the vehicle, a disability of 33% or more

  • Documentation to be provided:

    * If the vehicle is driven by the disabled

    - Photocopy of the vehicle owner's identity card

    - Photocopy of the vehicle registration permit for which the exemption is requested

    - Photocopy of the recognition of the disabled status

    * If the vehicle is intended for the transport of the disabled

    - Photocopy of the driving license of the habitual driver of the vehicle >

    - Affidavit of the owner of the vehicle stating that it is intended for transport

  • Cost:

    No cost

  • Documentation:

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