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  • Description:

    The Register of Associations aims to allow the City Council to know the number of existing Associations in the Municipality, their purposes and their representativeness.

  • Steps:

    The Register will be kept in the General Secretariat of the City Council, and the inscriptions will be made at the request of the Associations interested, in the model enabled for it and attaching to it, the necessary documentation for it.

  • Requirements:

    Within fifteen days of the application for registration, and unless it should be interrupted by the need to provide documentation not initially included, the City Council will notify the Association of its registration number and from that moment it will be considered as high for all purposes. The registered Associations are obliged to notify the Registry of any modification of the data within the month following the one that occurs. The budget and the annual program of activities will be communicated in the month of January of each year. Failure to comply with these obligations will result in the City Council being able to terminate the Association in the Registry.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    1.- Statutes of the Association.

    2.- Registration number in the General Register of Associations and other Public Registries.

    3.- C.I.F.

    4.- Name of the people who occupy the management positions.

    5.- Social Domicile.

    6.- Budget for the current year.

    7.- Program of activities for the current year.

    8.- Certification of the number of members of the Association, issued by the Secretary with the approval of the President.

  • Headquarters:


  • Documentation:

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