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CPTA - Prior communication regarding activities for the transmission of qualifications.

  • Negotiated by:

    Town planning

  • Description:

    Enabling title for the transmission of the activity qualifications, either as a license or as a responsible declaration.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    The instance model collected on this website, which will be accompanied by the following documentation:

    a) National identity document, passport or residence permit of the interested party, both the transferor and the purchaser .

    b) In your case, a photocopy of the deed of representation powers of the interested merchant, both the transferor and the acquirer, as required, in which the adequacy of the installation is accredited. activity that is going to be developed, and compliance with the requirements established by the applicable sector regulations.

    c) Documentary accreditation of the availability of the business or activity (such as lease or transfer agreement, deed of sale, etc.).

    d) Document proving the transmission of the license. If you do not have this document, you must fill in the third section of the previous communication.

    e) In the case of pretending to exercise an activity in lands included in unmanaged action units, you must accompany the deposit deposited to guarantee the obligations derived from the urban management of the action unit. If such deposit was not deposited, prior to the presentation of this prior notice, you must request the calculation of the amount of the same, and once communicated by the City Council, this bond should be established by the owner of the establishment.

  • Headquarters:

  • Cost:


  • Documentation:

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