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Parks and gardens

The Department of Parks and Gardens of the City of San Javier aims, in collaboration with citizens, to make our town a place with green spaces and gardens, Where citizens can enjoy leisure and recreation spaces, not forgetting the smallest ones, who have the right to enjoy play areas where they can develop their psychomotor and social relationships with other children. It is also the responsibility of this Council to ensure compliance with legislation regarding plant health, recreational areas and green areas, as well as the Municipal Ordinance for Parks and Gardens.

San Javier Town Hall Plaza de España, 30730 San Javier, Murcia.

Phone: 968 573 700; Ext. # 5415 or # 5329.


  • Management, Maintenance and Conservation of Municipal Parks and Gardens.
  • Attention to the Citizen regarding problems of Parks and Gardens and information Red weevil.
  • Processing of records related to the non-compliance with the Municipal Ordinance of Parks and Gardens. - Granting of public and private tree felling and pruning permits, following a technical report.
  • Training area for public employees and interested citizens.

Courses taught:

  • Manipulator of phytosanitary products. Basic level.
  • Manipulator of phytosanitary products. Qualified level
  • Safe handling of the tractor.

Municipal campaigns:

  • Fight against Red Weevil and other pests and diseases that threaten the municipal plant species.
  • Perforations of trees and plant species. Technical reports related to green areas and playgrounds.
  • Processing of records related to maintenance of green areas and playgrounds.
  • Specifications of technical conditions related to green areas and playgrounds. Drafting and execution of parks and gardens projects.
  • Protection and promotion of urban trees.


From the Department of Parks and Gardens organizes manipulator courses of phytosanitary products, basic level (30 hours) and qualified level (55 hours) Current legislation requires obtaining a card of phytosanitary manipulator that is delivered once the corresponding course and that accredits the professionals to do a correct use in the treatment of pesticides. For this reason, from the council is invited professionals or individuals who work with phytosanitary products to carry out these courses for those who can register in the Parks and Gardens Bureau (located on the second floor of the City Hall), which periodically and depending on the registration, it goes

More information:

Deputy Councilor:

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