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The Mar Menor

The Mar Menor has 73 km of coastline, and its shores are located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

With its 170 km2 of surface, the lagoon Of the Mar Menor is the lake Europe's most extensive salting. Located on the south-east coast of Iberian Peninsula, is separated from the Mediterranean by the restinga of La Manga, a strip of sand in which open channels or "collars" that In the south of this small sea, the islets of La Perdiguera, Mayor, Redonda, Ciervo and Sujeto, and in the summer season there are daily excursions to one of them.

In its small history, the first centers found date from the Paleolithic, although the settlements of which one has more information and of which more vestiges have been found are of Roman and Arab times. >

The Romans greatly appreciated the area, where they developed an important salting industry. There was also a significant maritime traffic, from which it appears that a fundamentally industrial settlement had to take place. This traffic was possible because in Roman times, the Mar Menor was practically united to the Mediterranean. Over time, it has undergone a slow and gradual closure with respect to the Mediterranean and its aspect began to be similar to the present one 1.000 years ago.

The Romans called Belich and they cited it like port of refuge even for ships

Ancient chronicles, such as Alfonso X's Book of Montería, speak of the rich fauna and scenic beauty of this area. The Island of the Stag preserves the toponímico of the animal that inhabited it and in Pinatar they were charged formerly boars and all

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