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QUARTERLY WORKSHOP OF THE TIME BANK: This Saturday enjoys a different morning in the "REFLEXOLOGY WORKSHOP OF THE TIME BANK" devote time to yourself in a different way, improving your physical and emotional well-being at the hands of Miguel Manoli, companion voluntary In the following poster you have all the information.
( Brief explanation of Reflexology: This therapy starts from the basis that all the organs of the body have their correspondence with certain points of the feet
 It consists of the application of massages in points and reflex areas of the feet. And there are thousands of nerve endings in the plant of each  foot. In this way, real plants are established on the sole of the foot maps that contain a representation of the entire organism. Whether stimulate properly, they can send messages along the Autonomic nervous system to all areas of the body and brain.
Reflexology can stimulate the body's energy to improve overall physical and mental well-being.
 Relaxes the patient, stimulates the circulatory system, produces evacuation of toxins, stimulates the endocrine system, among others benefits)


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