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File of social benefits for repayable advances.

  • Negotiated by:

    Staff and HR

  • Description:

    Public employees of the San Javier City Council may request a refundable advance with a Maximum amount of two monthly payments of their total remuneration. Reinstatement Shall be made up to a maximum of 14 monthly payments (Article 26 of the Working conditions of public employees of the San Javier).

  • Steps:

    1º.- To submit the application, in The General Registry.

    2º.- Report of the Enablement of Payroll with the maximum amount you can receive.

    3º.- Report issued by the Chief Of Human Resources.

    4º.- Payment Order no. Budget.

    5º.- Decree of Mayor, if Proceed.

    6º- Notifications and Communications.

  • Requirements:

    1º.- Being a public employee of the San Javier City Council.

    2º.- Have paid the Above, and the deadline for requesting it again will be two years from the application date. If the first semester ended, there would still be money In this bag, the limitation of the two years will not apply.

    3º.- Priority will be given to those Request it for the first time or take more time without requesting it.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    Instance of the request for Aid, indicating the amount requested.

  • Cost:

    - Available bag of 70,000 €

  • Documentation:

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