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    The Registry of Couples of Fact or Non-Matrimonial Unions of the City of San Javier is administrative in nature, and all non-marital cohabitation unions may be registered in the form and with the requirements established in the corresponding Regulation, which, will apply to people who, with the required requirements, decide to submit to it voluntarily by registering the union.

    The inscriptions may be:

    a ) Basic or Constitutive Inscriptions. - Those that are intended to record the existence of the couple.

    b) Marginal Registrations.- Are those that are made to record the changes, variations and incidents They occur in the basic inscriptions.

    c) Registration of Discharge .- They are the record of the dissolution of the couple, or the transfer of habitual residence to its members outside the municipality. The reduction of the basic inscriptions leads to the marginal and complementary.

    The application for constitutive registration of each couple is made by appearance of the applicants before the person in charge of this registration, in the Bureau of the City Council Secretariat . Regarding the registrations that are practiced and the certifications issued, it will be necessary to comply with the provisions of the municipal ordinances regulating the fees for the provision of services on the documents issued or extended by the Administration or the Municipal Authorities at the request of a party. .

    Interested parties may request the issuance of an accrediting certificate to be registered in the aforementioned register, upon request, enclosing the proof of payment of the corresponding fee, which letter of payment will be issued in the Municipal Revenue office.

  • Steps:

    - Download the documentation through the San Javier website or request it from the City Council.

    - Fill in and sign the corresponding forms.

    - Attach the Required documents, in original and photocopy to be able to be certified in the Town Hall Registry.

    - Sign the application to the official in charge of the Register of Couples in Fact, in the Bureau of the Secretariat.

    - Submit the application in the General Register of the City of San Javier.

  • Requirements:

    1.- To live together in a free, public and notorious way, linked in a stable way regardless of their sexual orientation.

    2.- To be of legal age or less emancipated < p> 3.- Being single, widowed, divorced or legally separated.

    4.- Not being part of a stable union with another person.

    5.- Not being relatives until the third degree.

    6.- Not be incapacitated by a final judgment.

    7.- To be registered in the municipality of San Javier, at the same address, for at least twelve months prior to the application date

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