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Responsible declaration on town planning for uses, works and temporary installations

  • Negotiated by:

    Town planning

  • Description:

    Request for provisional works

  • Requirements:

    - The uses, works or facilities must be provisional.

    - They should not be expressly prohibited by sectoral legislation, spatial planning or urban planning with such character.

    - Must be compatible with the ordination not to hinder its execution.

    - Its necessity and non-permanent nature must be justified, taking into account the technical characteristics of the same or the temporality of its ownership or exploitation regime.

    - The owner must commit to the suspension of the use or demolition of the works or facilities when the municipality, on its own request, expressly waiving compensation.

    - In the license municipal will be recorded the provisional nature of it and, where appropriate, the period for expiration, which will be registered in the Land Registry, in accordance with the provisions of mortgage legislation.

    - To ensure compliance or of this limitation and guarantee the replacement of the ground to its previous or original state, deposit or guarantee will be required in sufficient amount.

    - In non-urbanizable land they will only be authorized, following a report from the competent general management in urbanism, provisional uses and facilities required for its implementation, but in no case works or facilities that have the character of building.

  • Documentation to be provided:

    Application according to the established model (see documents) Photocopy of the national identity document, passport or residence permit of the interested party and, where appropriate, of his representative. Photocopy of the power of attorney, or copy of the authorization signed by the applicant. Fee payment of taxes and other revenue from public or private law that correspond. Copy of the deed or simple note of the affected registry properties. Project or memory of the work, use or intended installation.

  • Headquarters:


  • Cost:

    Budget up to € 300.51: € 9.02. Budget € 300.52 to € 601.01: € 12.02. Budget € 601.02 to € 901.52: € 18.03. Budget of € 901. € 53 to € 1,803.04: € 30.05. Budget of € 1,803.05 to € 3,005.06: € 60.10. € 3,005.07 to € 6,010.12: € 90.15. Budget of € 6,010. , € 13 onwards: € 120.20. Tax on buildings, installations and works: 3.5% of the budget of the works

  • Documentation:

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